Air knife and accessories

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High quality Konda type aluminum alloy air knife

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  • 品牌:Jieming
  • 型号:Konda type air knife
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Air Knives Application:

 The wind blade has a strong wind curtain, which can be used for various blowing and wind cooling applications, for example:

1. The automotive industry: used for blowing in the manufacture of additional water, cooling liquid, dust, debris, etc., as well as steel plate spray before cooling, drying, dust.

2. The electronics industry: electronic circuit board drying fast before assembly.

3. Canned drinks and bottles: beverage bottle label, inkjet or packaging, bottle or bottle of water and attachments blowing.

4. Chemical industry: labeling or packaging, the surface of chemical substances or water blowing.

5. The food and medicine in manufacturing or packaging, the moisture and attachments or dust blowing, bagging and bag before opening.

6. Metal industry: from the surface of the metal blowing coolant or other liquid. Rolling mill emulsion blowing. Yu Paoguang, plating, painting process before the surface drying or cooling.

7. Rubber and plastic material industry: blowing dust or debris from the surface of the product. Dry before extrusion or injection. Cooling after injection molding.

8. Printing (ink jet): inkjet, pre printing dust, debris, water vapor blowing, or the use of rapid drying ink.

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