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Pressure relief valve RV-01

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  • 品牌:Jieming
  • 型号:RV-01
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Pressure relif valve for high pressure side channel blowers


RV-01,inlet size G11/4,pressure range can be adjustable 0-300mBar

pressure relif valve.jpg

ModelPTL (mm)Specification

pressure relif valve photo.png

pressure relif valve photo-2.png

Accessories for side channel blower:

1.Air Filter.Air filter should used for blowing application.
2.Pressure and vacuum relief valve,pressure relief valve can be install near inlet or outlet.
3.Air filter barrel.should be used for vacuum application
4.Silencer,can be installed near inlet or outlet .
5.Flange (For USA Customer or south America customers,normally they need NPT Flanges)
6.Pressure gage provided